Thursday, 27 November 2014

KableKache Cable Organizer Climbs the Hilltop

KableKache is proud and honoured to announce that Hilltop Products ( now stock KableKache.

 For the last 30 years, Hilltop-Products (who count Airbus amongst their clients) have been market leaders in cable management solutions. Their clients list may begin with Airbus, but then it goes on through BAE Systems, Bentley Motor Cars, British Airways, Bombardier Transportation, Continental, and all the way through to the London Underground, Mercedes and Siemens- a veritable who’s who of industry. Not surprising since their industry sectors cover Aerospace, Automotive, through Communications and Marine, to Medical, Military / Defence and Rail. With such wide experience over the last thirty years, it must be hard to find a company more expert in the field.

 “Hilltop-Products are leading experts in wire and cable management solutions and for them to stock a product it has to work and work well,“ the CEO of KableKache told us. “For us, it is a real honour and we regard it as an important seal of approval that a company as expert as Hilltop-Products has taken on KableKache. We feel that the sleek and simple nature of KableKache itself is very important. Other wind-up cable organizers either look like the remains of a dog’s breakfast, redefine the word “ugly” or get horribly complicated with springs and stuff that terrorise you when they go wrong. If ours goes wrong – and you have to try pretty hard to make it do that - you just pop the top off with a screwdriver, pull out the wire and pop the top back on – the work of seconds.”    

“Hilltop is stocking the general-use 6 cm size (1.8 in) that is the first to come available and works just great for earbuds, headphones, charger wires, smaller USB cables, audio cables and so on,” the CEO of KableKache told us. “But we are fast growing the range and next week we will be announcing exciting new sizes and different convenient packagings, and competitions as part of our aim to keep KableKache always fresh, new and exciting and a convenience everyone enjoys.”

KableKache Simply Rockets

Sir Richard Bronson said, “Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.” That is really KableKache’s virtue – its outstanding simplicity. There is almost nothing to it and it works like a charm as its YouTube video demonstrates:

This KableKache simplicity seems to be catching, as its sales and Google hits show:

KableKache Free? Free Diamonds??

Well, almost. In addition to being so confident in KableKache that they are giving away certified diamonds with KableKache – one with every 10,000th, every 250,000th and every 1,000,000th KableKache no less – they are also allowing qualified customers to try KableKache on a no-risk Sale-or-Return basis. That, as they say, is putting your money where your mouth is!

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