Thursday, 27 November 2014

KableKache Cable Organizer Breaks New Records

After recently announcing its $149,999 wearable solid platinum earbud KableKache with 500 diamonds – the world’s most expensive personal cable organizer they say – KableKache is breaking more records again.

Facebook experts generally agree that an “average” Click Through Rate (“CTR”) is 0.04- 0.05% and the highest response rate, called “optimal”, is said to be 0.11-0.16%

According to Wikipedia, “the click-through rate of an advertisement is defined as the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown, expressed as a percentage”.

But the KableKache people will have none of it: “We don’t have any CTRs for our KableKache advertising on Facebook that are as low as what they call “Optimal”,” the CEO of KableKache told us. “In the most sophisticated countries such as UK and USA, our CTR is 1.86% – nearly 10X ‘optimal’. We are advertising in over 20 countries and we have been getting CTRs as high as 5.6% – rates we’ve never seen before. Even in the least responsive countries the CTR is 1.8% or more.”

KableKache has added over 3,000 followers to its Facebook page in the last few days. “We added over 800 followers in the last twenty-four hours”, the CEO said, “and the visits to our KableKache website have more than tripled.” We keep on hearing of people buying followers form “suppliers” in Bangladesh and other countries like that so we asked the CEO if that was how he got his? “We don’t cheat,” the CEO told us. “Others may, but we do not.”

For a humble cable organizer to get that kind of response it has to have something special. “What people really need, what I personally wanted and what I invented just to satisfy my own needs,” the CEO told us “is something that is super-simple, costs very little  – KableKache are around $1.50 – and looks as elegant as an iPhone or an IPad. It has to have that ‘want to fiddle with it and just hold it in my hand quality’ that is the hallmark of Apple’s incredible designs. I don’t pretend to be Jonathan Ive, Apple’s extraordinary design genius – he is my hero – but the entire time I was designing KableKache I was thinking of him and his designs and trying to capture the “essence of Apple” that he captures so dramatically each and every time. While I don’t claim to have achieved what you could call “Ive Excellence”, it is true that everyone who gets hold of a KableKache doesn’t want to let go of it again – they just keep on playing with it. Our samples are disappearing at a rate that is a witness to that.”

We get a lot of unsolicited testimonials and they line up completely with the sort of response we got to our Facebook advertising,“ the CEO said, “These are typical – this is one from a guy called Andy who told us, “Works great, what I fantastic idea!”  and here’s one from somebody else  – Adam: “Brilliant item. Easily swallowed the ridiculous 2m+ cable on my AKG headphones.” Both of them – and all the others say pretty much the same thing and like the others comment on the fact that the idea is brilliant, great, good stuff. Now while that is flattering all right, it means something more because it really says that KableKache gives everyone a “like it a lot” feeling. It gives people a good experience – the sort of thing that makes a good product into a great product. We are seeing that the Facebook advertising and the actual user experience go hand in hand, so the person who responds to advertising is going to be pretty happy once he gets the actual product and finds it exceeds his expectations.”

KableKache keeps getting more and more inquiries – that latest from a Far East mobile phone maker who wants to package his phone’s earbuds in the 4.5 cm (1.7”) earbud size of KableKache. KableKache is enthusiastic about that. They take the view that when KableKache is used as a promotional item – branded with a manufacturer’s name for example – it will outlast the product itself many times and go on promoting the manufacturer years after whatever the KableKache packaged has been recycled more than once.

We don’t know where KableKache is going, but, wherever that is, it certainly seem to be getting there fast

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