Tuesday, 11 November 2014

KableKache Cable Organizer Arrives!

KableKache arrives at a packed press conference held in the executive suite of Untangle Towers in the heart of financial London today, Lord Phooop KableKache, head of the KableKache Nation, announced the arrival of the first KableKaches to arrive on our cable-tangled shores - shores where tangled cables lie like seaweed behind every TV, computer and around every smartphone.

“KableKache are so simple to use,” Lord Phooop said, “Insert a loop of any suitable wire into KableKache... and wind it in.”

“Our MISSION,” explained Lord Phooop, “is to get the disorderly tangles of your billions and jazillions of messy cable and wire tangles messing up this lovely world of yours under your TVs and computers and around your lamps, all rolled up inside us, neat, tidy and protected from dust and dogs and babies in our lithe and svelte oval form that is such fun to play with – and costs practically nothing.”

Selling for between £1 and £2 depending on size, KABLEKACHE comes in all sorts of shapes and colors to suite your d├ęcor, your hair or your nail varnish and in addition to sitting under your TV or behind your computer, they are Apple-stylish enough to be worn also.

The press conference began with Lord Phooop introducing himself. “My name is Phooop (three "o"s) which is the sort of noise which a vacuum cleaner makes when it sucks up an egg (without its shell) when the egg has fallen in a mess on the kitchen floor. We of the KableKache Nation are quite like vacuum cleaners, but they do dust, while we do wires and cables and anything flexible = which they can't do because long flexible things clog up their tubes, you see?”

When he was asked why KableKaches have arrived, Phooop responded, “But you ask me that? Aren't you EMBARRASSED by those terrible – terrible - messes of wires everywhere in your homes, your offices and even in your Louis Vuitton handbags and Hermes briefcases?- I mean, those cable messes make a rat's nest look neat! How can you even show your face in public knowing the truly Terrible mess of cables you are sitting on at home?

Before and After using KableKache
KableKache are now available on Amazon and will be in the shops before Christmas. Walmart and other major retailers are now evaluating KableKache. Their elegant patent-pending design is the easiest and least expensive way to neaten up cables.

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