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Richard Young is This Year's Speaker at Grays of Westminster's Christmas Dinner at the IoD

​​Sophia Loren by Richard Young

An extremely rare opportunity: An Evening with…Richard Young, Celebrating 40 Years of Photography

 SPECIAL NIKON PRIZE DRAW:A chance to win a pair of Nikon high-grade binoculars worth £450 courtesy of Nikon UK

London - Grays of Westminster, the London-based, multi-award winning exclusively Nikon camera shop, is proud to announce that the speaker for its prestigious Christmas Evening this year is Richard Young, who is currently celebrating his 40 years of photography.

The dinner, now in its 7th year, will be held in the magnificent Regency Restaurant at the Institute of Directors (IoD) at 116 Pall Mall, London from 6.30pm on Friday 5th December 2014. After the meal, Richard Young, one of the most remarkable social documentary photographers of our time, will present his extraordinary images from a monumental career spanning forty years.

The itinerary for the evening is as follows:

Date: Friday, December 5th, 2014
Venue: Institute of Directors (IoD), 116 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ED

Champagne Reception: 6.30 p.m. Introduction and Welcome

Dinner: 7.15 p.m.

Richard Young’s Presentation in the morning room: 9.15 p.m.

Cost of the evening: £155 per ticket

In addition to the dinner and talk, there will be a special Nikon prize draw included in the price of the ticket: a chance to win a pair of Nikon high-grade binoculars worth £450.00 complete with case, courtesy of Nikon UK!

The IoD is a grand Grade I listed Regency building and its sweeping marble staircase and vast walls covered in 18th and 19th century canvases provides a spectacular backdrop for the evening; the period restaurant at the IoD is a most fitting venue for this elegant, traditional Christmas celebration.

About Richard Young

“Richard Young is one of the most important photographers of the 20th Century.” Lord Snowdon

Richard’s body of work contains a wealth of iconic images from a distinguished range of famous subjects, from Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, from Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior to Tom Cruise, Princess Diana and Jackie Onassis. Over the years, he has covered the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscars in Los Angeles, as well as visiting orphanages in Romania with Michael Jackson and accompanying United States troops to Iraq.

In 2012, Richard was presented with the Ischia Art Award at the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival in Italy, and in the same year was featured as the subject of a four-part Sky Arts Documentary: Celebrity Exposed: The Photography of Richard Young. In 2013, he was awarded Le Prix Champagne de la Joie de Vivre, and later in the year, an Honorary Fellowship and the title Honorary Doctor in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Field of Photography from The University of The Arts London.

 About Grays of Westminster

 Grays of Westminster, located in central London, a short distance from the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Knightsbridge, was founded almost thirty years ago by Gray Levett with the idea of creating a world-class camera store, which would offer a service that was second to none. Grays of Westminster is to many photographers not just a camera-shop but an institution, one that has attracted customers from all over the world and from all walks of life. It evolved from a modest mail order company in the mid-1980s to its present, highly-respected position in the photographic industry with over 47,000 customers world-wide, that have included the legendary film-director, Stanley Kubrick, David Suchet, best-known in his role as Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s famous sleuth, Lord Snowdon, world-famous National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, Rod Stewart, and the late 1960s’ icon Terence Donovan.

Now in its 7th year, the Grays of Westminster Christmas Evening at the IoD has become a staple event in London's photographic calendar. Previous distinguished speakers include Neil Lucas, former producer of the BBC’s world renowned Natural History Unit for over 20 years, Mike Maloney OBE, the UK’s most decorated press photographer, Julian Calder, one of the world’s best portrait photographers, well known for having recently been commissioned to take official portraits of Her Majesty The Queen and HRH Prince Philip, and Jim Brandenburg, one of the world’s greatest living nature photographers.

For more information, please contact:

Gillian Greenwood
Grays of Westminster
40 Churton Street

+44 (0)20 7828 4925


Thursday, 27 November 2014

KableKache Cable Organizer Climbs the Hilltop

KableKache is proud and honoured to announce that Hilltop Products ( now stock KableKache.

 For the last 30 years, Hilltop-Products (who count Airbus amongst their clients) have been market leaders in cable management solutions. Their clients list may begin with Airbus, but then it goes on through BAE Systems, Bentley Motor Cars, British Airways, Bombardier Transportation, Continental, and all the way through to the London Underground, Mercedes and Siemens- a veritable who’s who of industry. Not surprising since their industry sectors cover Aerospace, Automotive, through Communications and Marine, to Medical, Military / Defence and Rail. With such wide experience over the last thirty years, it must be hard to find a company more expert in the field.

 “Hilltop-Products are leading experts in wire and cable management solutions and for them to stock a product it has to work and work well,“ the CEO of KableKache told us. “For us, it is a real honour and we regard it as an important seal of approval that a company as expert as Hilltop-Products has taken on KableKache. We feel that the sleek and simple nature of KableKache itself is very important. Other wind-up cable organizers either look like the remains of a dog’s breakfast, redefine the word “ugly” or get horribly complicated with springs and stuff that terrorise you when they go wrong. If ours goes wrong – and you have to try pretty hard to make it do that - you just pop the top off with a screwdriver, pull out the wire and pop the top back on – the work of seconds.”    

“Hilltop is stocking the general-use 6 cm size (1.8 in) that is the first to come available and works just great for earbuds, headphones, charger wires, smaller USB cables, audio cables and so on,” the CEO of KableKache told us. “But we are fast growing the range and next week we will be announcing exciting new sizes and different convenient packagings, and competitions as part of our aim to keep KableKache always fresh, new and exciting and a convenience everyone enjoys.”

KableKache Simply Rockets

Sir Richard Bronson said, “Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.” That is really KableKache’s virtue – its outstanding simplicity. There is almost nothing to it and it works like a charm as its YouTube video demonstrates:

This KableKache simplicity seems to be catching, as its sales and Google hits show:

KableKache Free? Free Diamonds??

Well, almost. In addition to being so confident in KableKache that they are giving away certified diamonds with KableKache – one with every 10,000th, every 250,000th and every 1,000,000th KableKache no less – they are also allowing qualified customers to try KableKache on a no-risk Sale-or-Return basis. That, as they say, is putting your money where your mouth is!

Further information: 

Carl Guest | Peter Warren:
+33 6 24469394 | +33 6 07930527


KableKache Cable Organizer Breaks New Records

After recently announcing its $149,999 wearable solid platinum earbud KableKache with 500 diamonds – the world’s most expensive personal cable organizer they say – KableKache is breaking more records again.

Facebook experts generally agree that an “average” Click Through Rate (“CTR”) is 0.04- 0.05% and the highest response rate, called “optimal”, is said to be 0.11-0.16%

According to Wikipedia, “the click-through rate of an advertisement is defined as the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown, expressed as a percentage”.

But the KableKache people will have none of it: “We don’t have any CTRs for our KableKache advertising on Facebook that are as low as what they call “Optimal”,” the CEO of KableKache told us. “In the most sophisticated countries such as UK and USA, our CTR is 1.86% – nearly 10X ‘optimal’. We are advertising in over 20 countries and we have been getting CTRs as high as 5.6% – rates we’ve never seen before. Even in the least responsive countries the CTR is 1.8% or more.”

KableKache has added over 3,000 followers to its Facebook page in the last few days. “We added over 800 followers in the last twenty-four hours”, the CEO said, “and the visits to our KableKache website have more than tripled.” We keep on hearing of people buying followers form “suppliers” in Bangladesh and other countries like that so we asked the CEO if that was how he got his? “We don’t cheat,” the CEO told us. “Others may, but we do not.”

For a humble cable organizer to get that kind of response it has to have something special. “What people really need, what I personally wanted and what I invented just to satisfy my own needs,” the CEO told us “is something that is super-simple, costs very little  – KableKache are around $1.50 – and looks as elegant as an iPhone or an IPad. It has to have that ‘want to fiddle with it and just hold it in my hand quality’ that is the hallmark of Apple’s incredible designs. I don’t pretend to be Jonathan Ive, Apple’s extraordinary design genius – he is my hero – but the entire time I was designing KableKache I was thinking of him and his designs and trying to capture the “essence of Apple” that he captures so dramatically each and every time. While I don’t claim to have achieved what you could call “Ive Excellence”, it is true that everyone who gets hold of a KableKache doesn’t want to let go of it again – they just keep on playing with it. Our samples are disappearing at a rate that is a witness to that.”

We get a lot of unsolicited testimonials and they line up completely with the sort of response we got to our Facebook advertising,“ the CEO said, “These are typical – this is one from a guy called Andy who told us, “Works great, what I fantastic idea!”  and here’s one from somebody else  – Adam: “Brilliant item. Easily swallowed the ridiculous 2m+ cable on my AKG headphones.” Both of them – and all the others say pretty much the same thing and like the others comment on the fact that the idea is brilliant, great, good stuff. Now while that is flattering all right, it means something more because it really says that KableKache gives everyone a “like it a lot” feeling. It gives people a good experience – the sort of thing that makes a good product into a great product. We are seeing that the Facebook advertising and the actual user experience go hand in hand, so the person who responds to advertising is going to be pretty happy once he gets the actual product and finds it exceeds his expectations.”

KableKache keeps getting more and more inquiries – that latest from a Far East mobile phone maker who wants to package his phone’s earbuds in the 4.5 cm (1.7”) earbud size of KableKache. KableKache is enthusiastic about that. They take the view that when KableKache is used as a promotional item – branded with a manufacturer’s name for example – it will outlast the product itself many times and go on promoting the manufacturer years after whatever the KableKache packaged has been recycled more than once.

We don’t know where KableKache is going, but, wherever that is, it certainly seem to be getting there fast

Further information: 

Carl Guest | Peter Warren:
+33 6 24469394 | +33 6 07930527


Announcing the world’s most expensive wearable jewellery cable organizer



After announcing its special 4.5 cm (1.7 inch) KableKache size specially designed for earbuds, the KableKache Company has gone seriously up-market and announced the world’s most expensive range of custom, made-to-order ultra-luxury fashion statement earbud KableKaches to shorten the earbud wires of the outrageously wealthy.

Everyone already knows that KableKache is the world’s most sleek and sexy cable organizer. But until now it has also been the world’s least expensive elegant and wearable cable organizer (discounting wire ties which are neither sleek nor sexy).

The KableKache people just blew “inexpensive” out of the window by announcing the world’s most expensive ever cable organizers.

“A person’s earbuds are not just a listening device,” the CEO of KableKache told us, “they are a fashion statement. They say who you are. Are you a never-heard-of brand person? Or are you a top-of-the line type of person, the kind that others pretend not to glance at but secretly admire? Do your earbuds match what you are wearing today or don’t they? Are you with it or not?”

“We felt that if someone for whom elegance is a way of life – the Vuitton, Chanel type of person – wants to shorten the always-too-long wires on their earbuds then whatever shortens it should be a fashion statement in its own right. This is where our special-edition, divinely elegant made-to-order versions of our earbud-size KableKache come in. Today, we are announcing our special order ELEKKANZIA range of jewellery 4.5 cm KableKache for earbuds,” the CEO continued.


All the ELEKKANZIA range are 4.5 cm (1.7 inch) earbud-size KableKaches,“ the CEO continued. “The first of these ELEKKANZIA models is the ELEKKANZIA LUSTRO model. LUSTRO is an 18-carat gold plated 4.5 cm (1.7 inch) KableKache retailing at around $699.99 (without tax) or £549.99 or 699.99 EU with VAT.

“The ELEKKANZIA OROSA model is made in 18 carat white or yellow solid gold at the customer’s choice,” the CEO told us, “and retails for $9,999 (without tax) or £7,499.99 or 9,999.99 EU with VAT. The ELEKKANZIA OROSA model can be engraved with initials or images and is presented in a solid walnut presentation case.”

“The ELEKKANZIA DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA model is made from solid pure platinum studded on both sides with a total of 500 diamonds,” the CEO told us. “The DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA comes in a solid gold presentation case and is made to order for us by one of the world’s most prestigious jewellers. The diamonds can be placed so as to make them into the picture of your choice in sparkling diamond making each EXCESSIVA into a unique piece.” The DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA is for the extremely wealthy only – even without tax it retails for $149,999.99, or £109,999 or 149,999.99 EU with VAT.


We asked ourselves, whoever would buy such a simple thing as cable organizer at such premium prices? Why would anyone spend that kind of money on a simple cable organizer? Are there really people who do not mind paying a few hundred or thousand times what their earbuds cost just to decorate them?

 “It’s not really a question of decorating earbuds,” the CEO OF KableKache objected. “It’s really another, new way to wear jewellery. The ELEKKANZIA range was conceived by chance recently when we were thinking of showing KableKache to a billionaire friend of ours and his wife. We knew both of them would like KableKache but the wife would feel it was far too plain for her and would want us to dress it up and make it more fun and more exciting. We reviewed the options and the result was that the first ELEKKANZIA DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA was born then and there. We felt this model really was over the top which is why we gave it the name of EXCESSIVA to express that.”

You can imagine that we asked the CEO who this mysterious billionairess was. “I’m sure you don’t expect me to answer that,” the CEO of KableKache replied, “Apart from the fact that (as you know) such people are intensely private, if we were to use her name she’d very likely want us to pay more for it than we could afford.”

The CEO added that: “because the DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA is well beyond the reach of almost everybody, we were glad to work out the other LUSTRO and OROSA models together so that almost everyone could find something affordable and exciting in the ELEKKANZIA jewellery range.”


“These ELEKKANZIA models are not quick to make with the ultra-high quality that is essential and our production capacity is very limited,” the CEO told us. “the result is that there anyone who wants one of the ELEKKANZIA models is going to have to be patient.”

“In fact” the CEO said, “we see a lot of opportunity for the KableKache principle in the luxury jewellery field where we feel it can inject some much-needed fun, excitement and variety that has been missing from a field that has become somewhat dull and repetitive. It is for this reason that the ELEKKANZIA range is only our first step to apply the KableKache principle to a range of jewellery that we call the BIJOUKKISSIMA range. We expect to be bringing out some exciting new developments in this range in the future.”

Cable organizers and luxury jewellery are not the kind of things you think of as going hand-in-hand, but with the KableKache people, you never know what they will come up with next.

Further information: 

Carl Guest | Peter Warren:
+33 6 24469394 | +33 6 07930527


Announcing…Wearable 4.5cm KableKache Cable Organizer

After our recent highly successful launch of the all-purpose 6cm (2.3″) black KableKache with a white or silver ring, we have immediately followed up by launching the new, wearable, 4.5cm (1.8″) size in multiple colours specially for earbuds.

“The 4.5 cm size is ideal for earbuds and is so light and wearable,” the CEO of KableKache Global said. “Earbud wire tangles are a thing of the past and our low price and huge selection of colours can enable you to have a selection of KableKache to suit whatever you are wearing today. Sober or flashy, super conservative or super bling-bling, we can do them all.”

More choice of packaging

All KableKache are available in single blister pack, 5 or 10 pack dispenser tubes.

Single KableKache blister pack

Dispenser tube of 5 or 10

4.5cm KableKache Wearable and ideal for tidying the tangles on earbuds and headphones

6cm KableKache Ideal for tidying the tangles on USB cables, phone and tablet chargers and other personal electronics

Further information: 

Carl Guest | Peter Warren:
+33 6 24469394 | +33 6 07930527


Nizam Restaurant Supports East Grinstead Town Mayor's Charities with the Launch of its Home Delivery Service

For the first time in its 26 year history, Nizam Restaurant is to offer its entire menu for home dining

East Grinstead - Nizam Restaurant that offers delicious authentic Indian Cuisine in a Tudor setting announced today that it is launching a home delivery dinner service from Saturday 15 November 2014.

The new service which will make Nizam's entire menu available for home dining, will be available 7 days a week from 5.30-10pm, and delivery to anywhere within a maximum of 3 miles from East Grinstead town centre (which includes Copthorne, Ashustwood and Dormansland) will be free of charge.

To mark the launch of this new service, Nizam is donating £1 from every Home Delivery order taken during its first month of operation to the East Grinstead Mayor's Charities: the Town Museum and CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

"We are pleased to be able to give something back through our donation to the Town Mayor's charities, and we are excited about making our menu available - including our unique chef’s speciality “Murug Jhul” (chicken with garlic cloves, olive oil, red chillies, red onions, garnished with coriander) - to the entire East Grinstead community, to be enjoyed in their own homes," said Salim Choudhury, Nizam's founder.

A cheque made out with the final amount raised will be presented to the East Grinstead Town Mayor, Cllr Nick Hodges, at the restaurant on 15th December 2014.

(Minimum order value for the Home Delivery Service is £20).

Nizam Restaurant, established in East Grinstead as long as ago as 1988 by Salim Choudhury and family, is now a much-loved focus of the town’s gastronomic landscape.


01342 314652 - 01342 323462
42 High Street,
East Grinstead, 
West Sussex RH19 3AS

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

KableKache Cable Organizer Arrives!

KableKache arrives at a packed press conference held in the executive suite of Untangle Towers in the heart of financial London today, Lord Phooop KableKache, head of the KableKache Nation, announced the arrival of the first KableKaches to arrive on our cable-tangled shores - shores where tangled cables lie like seaweed behind every TV, computer and around every smartphone.

“KableKache are so simple to use,” Lord Phooop said, “Insert a loop of any suitable wire into KableKache... and wind it in.”

“Our MISSION,” explained Lord Phooop, “is to get the disorderly tangles of your billions and jazillions of messy cable and wire tangles messing up this lovely world of yours under your TVs and computers and around your lamps, all rolled up inside us, neat, tidy and protected from dust and dogs and babies in our lithe and svelte oval form that is such fun to play with – and costs practically nothing.”

Selling for between £1 and £2 depending on size, KABLEKACHE comes in all sorts of shapes and colors to suite your d├ęcor, your hair or your nail varnish and in addition to sitting under your TV or behind your computer, they are Apple-stylish enough to be worn also.

The press conference began with Lord Phooop introducing himself. “My name is Phooop (three "o"s) which is the sort of noise which a vacuum cleaner makes when it sucks up an egg (without its shell) when the egg has fallen in a mess on the kitchen floor. We of the KableKache Nation are quite like vacuum cleaners, but they do dust, while we do wires and cables and anything flexible = which they can't do because long flexible things clog up their tubes, you see?”

When he was asked why KableKaches have arrived, Phooop responded, “But you ask me that? Aren't you EMBARRASSED by those terrible – terrible - messes of wires everywhere in your homes, your offices and even in your Louis Vuitton handbags and Hermes briefcases?- I mean, those cable messes make a rat's nest look neat! How can you even show your face in public knowing the truly Terrible mess of cables you are sitting on at home?

Before and After using KableKache
KableKache are now available on Amazon and will be in the shops before Christmas. Walmart and other major retailers are now evaluating KableKache. Their elegant patent-pending design is the easiest and least expensive way to neaten up cables.

Further information: 

Carl Guest | Peter Warren:
+33 6 24469394 | +33 6 07930527