Thursday, 29 July 2010, the free one stop website for anglers around the world, casts off

Passionate anglers launch – a website seeking to give fishermen worldwide a community to share knowledge, catches, venues and much more…

United Kingdom - 2 years ago, Steve Forehead, a committed fisherman, noticed that there was a void on the internet for dedicated angling 'community' websites. Together with his business partner, another fisherman, they brainstormed ideas and came up with the concept that has now become
The aim of the project is to provide a dedicated community which is designed by anglers, for anglers. The website is organic and will evolve as the needs and wishes of its members change.

Keith Wood aka Carp King of with a 4lb 6oz Crucian
- a few ounces short the British record

There are many websites on the internet that are for anglers, but these tend to be forum-driven whereas is based around a community concept. Anglers can sign up for free, display their past and present catches, record their fishing trips, analyse them, share experiences and invite their friends on future sessions.

Global Angling Community

Although primarily for the UK, the website has been designed so it can be joined and utilised anywhere in the world. Future expansion of the site will take in specific regional requirements to cater for those anglers based in other countries.

One innovative feature of the website is that each individual venue listed becomes a micro site within the main site, all the details are recorded and once members start fishing there, a catch report for that specific venue is recorded for all other members to see.

Whispers from the bank

Another feature of the site coming soon will be the ability for members to upload their catches live from the bank (whispers from the bank) using their mobile phone. In this way, their session can be followed by their friends, wherever they are.

Fishing Competitions

There will be many competitions running with various prizes to be won. From trophies to respected brands of fishing tackle. All of the registered members on the website will be entered automatically once they land an eligible verified catch.

“We’re reaching out to all anglers, everywhere - come and join the revolution that is!” says Steve Forehead.

For further information, please contact:

Steve Forehead
11 Little Lullenden
01342 833732

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Eminem, Dr Dre and Estelle on This Week’s ‘On the Mike with Mike Sherman’

Host Mike Sherman with Estelle

The show also includes 30h!3, Travis McCoy, Cobra Starship, T.I., The Dream, Ne-Yo and opera super star Piero Mazzocchetti

Miami, FL - The premier music and lifestyle celebrity-driven TV show, “On the Mike with Mike Sherman” brings an all star line up to this week’s show!

First, Mike’s west coast correspondent, Cameron Miller, starts the show by attending this year’s ASCAP Rhythm & Soul awards at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Beverly Hills California. There, hip hop sensation, Eminem, introduces music mogul, Dr Dre, and then hands the mic over to hip hop superstar, T.I., as he congratulates this year’s songwriters of the decade: Jermaine Dupree, Jonta Austin; and Emanuel Seals for the song of the year, Mariah Carey’s, “We belong together”.

Then Mike’s co-host, Mack at Night from Y100 goes one on one with pop artists 3Oh!3, Travis McCoy and Cobra Starship at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. But, if that’s not enough music stars for one show, Mike heads to the two-year anniversary of the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he speaks with pop sensation Estelle - all the way from the UK – about her chart-smashing hit with Kanye West, “American Boy”. Then opera sensation, Piero Mazzocchetti, talks to Mike about being touted as the next Andrea Bucchelli, then he gives a beautiful live performance.

To wrap up the show, one of music’s rising duos, The Fire and Reason, performs live at the world’s most prestigious night Club, Mynt Lounge, in Miami Beach Florida.

“This week’s show is packed with so many celebrities, I can hardly believe it and I can’t wait to see it myself! What a show it is going to be! Whatever you do, don’t miss it, Saturday night on MY33 – check your local listings,” says Mike Sherman.

About WFOR/WBFS Miami, Florida:

WFOR-TV/CBS4 and WBFS/My 33 are part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp. For local news, sports scores, weather updates, traffic reports, entertainment news and the best video experience available on the internet, 24 hours a day, visit Press contact is Lee Zimmerman (Director of Public Relations), WFOR-TV and WBFS on tel: (305) 639-4426 or e-mail:

About “On the Mike with Mike Sherman”

“On the Mike with Mike Sherman” is produced by Mike Sherman Productions Inc. The show debuted on Saturday night on My 33, the CBS affiliate, in Miami in 2003 and is now syndicated all over the world. The show brings the South Florida market closer to exclusive interviews, VIP and red carpet events, concerts, and A-list celebs. Creator/producer: Mike Sherman. Executive producer: Matt Bodi Brenowitz

For more information, please contact:

Mike Sherman
Mike Sherman Productions, Inc.
777 East Atlantic Avenue
Suite C2-239
Delray Beach
FL 33483

+1 561 243 0429

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Monday, 19 July 2010

World Exclusive! Photographers Jim Brandenburg and Mike Maloney interviewed for next issue of Nikon Owner magazine

Advance Sell-Out Notice: It is anticipated that this will be a highly collectable, sell-out issue. So to those who have been thinking of subscribing to Nikon Owner or renewing their subscription, they should consider doing so as soon as possible.

London – In Issue 32, the next unique issue of Nikon Owner magazine, Editor Gray Levett interviews two of the most well-respected photographers in their fields: Jim Brandenburg and Mike Maloney OBE.

Arctic wolf, Ellesmere Island, Canada by Jim Brandenburg

In April of this year, Jim Brandenburg was awarded the prestigious distinction of having his work included in the Top Forty Nature Photographs in the History of Photography by iLCP, the international League of Conservation Photographers.

Jim Brandenburg travelled the globe as a photographer with National Geographic magazine for over three decades. His career resulted in numerous magazine stories, several television features and many National Geographic books. He has been published in a multitude of national and international publications including the New York Times, LIFE, TIME, Audubon, Smithsonian, Natural History, GEO, Modern Maturity, BBC Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife, and Outside.

He has received a multitude of prestigious national and international honours for his work, including having been named twice by The National Press Photographers Association as Magazine Photographer of the Year for his work with National Geographic magazine, and as Kodak Wildlife Photographer of the Year by BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum, London. In addition, he was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the North American Nature Photographers Association.

Dr Mike Maloney OBE

Mike Maloney is Britain’s most highly decorated press-photographer with 105 major prizes to his name. Voted three times Press Photographer of the Year, he has had numerous royal tours to his credit, as well as photographing world leaders such as Clinton, Regan, Gorbachev and Yelstin, with invitations to dine at both the White House and the Kremlin. Mike was awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts degree by the University of Lincoln for ‘a lifetime’s work in photography and his help to young people’. At the ceremony, he was able to read a personal letter of congratulations from The Queen Mother.

In the next issue of Nikon Owner, Mike recalls the pivotal moment which led him to take the road south to London from his humble beginnings at a provincial newspaper in Lincoln. He narrates some of the singular stories from the glittering career that followed, resulting in dozens of awards and an OBE from The Queen.

The interview with Mike Maloney will be followed in subsequent issues by a new series of articles unique to Nikon Owner entitled ‘Mike Maloney’s World’.

What is Nikon Owner?
Nikon Owner Magazine and Interactive Website is considered by many to be the world’s number 1 user group for Nikon owners. It was initially founded with the purpose of assisting Nikon users to make full use of the Nikon equipment they own, to give advice on a wide spectrum of photographic queries and problems, and at the same time to offer ideas to bring about an increase in photographic skills. Subscription to Nikon Owner magazine and interactive website provides a bridge between theory and practical, technical knowledge and accomplishment. As a subscriber to this group, you will receive an array of offers and assistance, as well as the unique photographic publication:
Nikon Owner Magazine
From the cold reaches of the Arctic to the muted ocres of The Palio, from the panoramic sweep of an alien landscape to the microscopic detail of a leaf in bud, Nikon Owner magazine is both inspirational and informative. It is a superb, glossy full-colour 60-page quarterly magazine that is 100% Nikon. Each issue delivers bench-mark technical reviews of the very latest Nikon equipment, thought-provoking interviews and articles with world-class images. With its mix of stunning images, illuminating articles to assist and enlighten the photographer, and the very latest reviews on Nikon equipment, it is the essential magazine for the Nikon user.

Nikon Owner subscriber benefits additionally include:

  • Private user name and password to subscribers’-only website which includes a lively forum, message board, technical equipment reviews, events’ page and use of a photo gallery.
  • Simon Stafford’s Technical Helpline: free technical consultation and support from Simon Stafford who is considered to be one of the top Nikon experts in the UK; you will be able to benefit from his formidable knowledge and have all your technical questions fully answered by email. This service is exclusive to Nikon Owner subscribers.
  • FREE 3-year warranty on all new Nikon products from Grays of Westminster within your year of subscription.
  • FREE 18-month warranty on second-hand Nikon from Grays of Westminster within your year of subscription.
  • 10% off Think-Tank bags purchased at Grays of Westminster.
  • Special trips: past visits have included a two-week trip to Japan and a personal tour of the Nikon factory, a visit to Nikon Thailand, Angkor Watt, Cambodia.
  • Substantial discounts on events and training sessions such as Mike Maloney’s House of Lords Photographic Workshop, Heather Angel’s Wildlife & Natural History Workshops, Neil Lucas's Definitive Time-Lapse Event, Chris Weston’s Photographic Courses, Simon Stafford’s Flash, Portraiture and Macro Seminars.
  • 10% off any training courses run by Nikon UK.
  • A range of complimentary meetings and outings organized by local Nikon Owner Groups.
  • Nikon Owner Grand Christmas Dinner at the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London.
Please email your name, daytime landline and mobile telephone number to me if you are interested in finding out more or speak to any of my colleagues between 10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Monday to Friday on 020 7828 4925 or 020 7828 8971; alternatively for International calls, telephone + 44 (0)20 7828 4925. The cost of an annual subscription to Nikon Owner : Special price: £59. Please quote JBMM:59.

For more information, please contact:

Gillian Greenwood
Features Editor and Events & Training Coordinator
Nikon Owner magazine
40 Churton Street

+44 (0)20 7828 4925


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

World’s First Natural Non-Toxic Water Steriliser Now Available

Onepure Water Steriliser: Natural Water Sterilising & Purifying Fluid

Up to now, all water sterilisers on the market have been toxic. Onepure Water Steriliser by SJK Products is totally natural and non-toxic and carries NO health warnings.

Crawley, West Sussex – SJK Products Ltd today launched the latest in their range of environmentally-friendly and health-focused products; the totally natural and non-toxic water steriliser: Onepure Water Steriliser.

Water sterilising products on the market, up to now, such as sterilising tablets or sterilising fluids - used by mothers to sterilise baby’s bottle and on boats and caravans to make drinking water ‘safe’ - are made from household bleach which is held together as crystals by salt.

Yet bleach - sodium hypochlorite – is a known carcinogen (cancer inducing substance) and existing water sterilising tablets and fluids carry health warnings accordingly, as follows: ‘Corrosive’, ‘Irritant’, ‘Oxidising’, ‘Harmful’, and they are also dangerous for the environment. There is a chemical alternative to chlorine - Hydrogen peroxide - which is where the term ‘peroxide blondes’ comes from. It is also used as rocket fuel. Yet here in Europe, people add it to their drinking water; it is deemed “not fit for human consumption” in the USA.

Onepure Water Steriliser is a new, inexpensive and natural alternative, made from Seville orange pith, olives and tree bark. It is both tasteless and non toxic and delivers purified drinking water for less than 1p per litre, which compares very well with bottled water. Onepure has been tested and proven as stable i.e. contaminated water remains in perfect drinking condition for not less than 28 days. With chlorine-based products, the water remains stable for only 4-6 hours.

The fact that Onepure Water Steriliser is not chemical based (unlike existing products) is very good news for asthma sufferers because the link between exposure to chlorine and asthma, especially among young children, is now well established. Chlorine-based chemicals also damage on-board water pumps by corroding their seals. Onepure Water Steriliser not only purifies, but it is also softens the water, preventing the build up of scale in water heater systems. So an added benefit of using Onepure Water Steriliser on boats, trains, caravans, motorhomes and aeroplanes etc is a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Tim Jones, SJK Products’ chairman, summarises Onepure Water Steriliser’s benefits:

“Onepure’s water purifier is unique because it:

• Is only made from natural ingredients.
• Keeps water systems sterilised and the water purified for up to 28 days, continuously, once treated.
• Kills 99.98% of known germs and viruses.
• Can be safely used in water tanks in caravans and boats etc, for purifying hikers' water bottles and for sterilising babies’ bottles, dummies and plastic toys.
• Breaks down and prevents future growth of harmful biofilm and germs in the tank, pipes, pumps and filters of water systems - thereby extending their life and reducing maintenance costs.

Existing water sterilising products may contain:

• Chlorine - a known carcinogen which takes 4-6 hours to break down.
• Hydrogen Peroxide – used to bleach the hair of ‘peroxide blondes; as rocket fuel, and deemed “Not fit for human consumption” in the USA.
• Other chemicals (such as iodine), some of which leave a nasty aftertaste or have to be neutralised with yet more chemicals.”

About SJK Products
SJK Products, co-founded in 2004 by SJ Khebbal, CEO and Tim Jones, Chairman, produces the market-leading and award-winning waterless vehicle washing product, Onedrywash, for use on cars, caravans, motor homes, motorbikes, boats and aeroplanes. The company recently brought out its second waterless product: Onepure-handgel, an alcohol-free, naturally derived and non-toxic hand sanitiser which kills over 99.998% of all potentially infectious organisms such as; C.diff, fungi, yeasts and viruses, giving superior protection against influenza A (flu) viruses.

For more information please contact:

Yvonne Siddall
SJK Products Ltd
James Place
West Sussex
RH10 6GA
United Kingdom

+44 (0)800 881 8062

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Monday, 12 July 2010

New 'Reports Center Option' for Print Manager Plus 2010® Brings Cloud Computing to Printing Management

Report generation and access never got easier

Palo Alto, California, Tampa, Florida and London, England -- Print Manager Plus 2010 Reports Center Option enables companies to fully access, control and edit reports securely right over the web. This new option also provides auto exporting, emailing, and scheduling report and graph generation and many more features further increasing print cost reduction – up to 75% for businesses, libraries and educational institutions worldwide.

Increased, fully secure access and easier management enable companies and organizations of any size to fully manage their network-wide printing on all brands of printers, control all print traffic and effortlessly manage all of their printing resources and printing budgets – throughout their network without resorting to expensive, complex and inferior hardware or other partial software solutions.

Now fully compatibility with the new Microsoft XPS® forma, Print manager Plus 2010 and the new Reports Center Option provide users with higher quality documents, much easier print management and higher print cost savings. “With the addition of our new Reports Center Option and full auditing of Microsoft XPS file capability, Print Manager Plus remains on the cutting edge of Print Management technology,” said Software Shelf CEO, Bill Feeley.
The only fully functional, secure, all-software solution available, Print Manager Plus 2010 supports all printers, plotters and multi-functional devices on the market today and monitors printing on all Microsoft, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux operating systems – and it does so at a fraction of the cost of any other IT product available.

Print Manager Plus is also a Green product featured by ‘Guide Me Green’ as “software that is saving 150,000 trees every month due to the paper savings it achieves for its customers.”
For more product and feature information, please visit:

A free, fully functional trial version of Print Manager Plus 2010 is now available for download at

About Software Shelf
Software Shelf is the worldwide leader in integrated Print Management solutions. Established in 1994, its flagship product, Print Manager Plus, is used by tens of thousands of companies and organizations worldwide. Tech support is available in 13 languages from its offices in the US and UK.

For further information, please contact:
Bill Feeley
Software Shelf International, Inc.
601 Cleveland Street
Suite# 710
FL 33755
United States

Phone: +1 727-445-1920
Phone: 800-962-2290
Fax: 727-445-9223

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