Wednesday, 14 July 2010

World’s First Natural Non-Toxic Water Steriliser Now Available

Onepure Water Steriliser: Natural Water Sterilising & Purifying Fluid

Up to now, all water sterilisers on the market have been toxic. Onepure Water Steriliser by SJK Products is totally natural and non-toxic and carries NO health warnings.

Crawley, West Sussex – SJK Products Ltd today launched the latest in their range of environmentally-friendly and health-focused products; the totally natural and non-toxic water steriliser: Onepure Water Steriliser.

Water sterilising products on the market, up to now, such as sterilising tablets or sterilising fluids - used by mothers to sterilise baby’s bottle and on boats and caravans to make drinking water ‘safe’ - are made from household bleach which is held together as crystals by salt.

Yet bleach - sodium hypochlorite – is a known carcinogen (cancer inducing substance) and existing water sterilising tablets and fluids carry health warnings accordingly, as follows: ‘Corrosive’, ‘Irritant’, ‘Oxidising’, ‘Harmful’, and they are also dangerous for the environment. There is a chemical alternative to chlorine - Hydrogen peroxide - which is where the term ‘peroxide blondes’ comes from. It is also used as rocket fuel. Yet here in Europe, people add it to their drinking water; it is deemed “not fit for human consumption” in the USA.

Onepure Water Steriliser is a new, inexpensive and natural alternative, made from Seville orange pith, olives and tree bark. It is both tasteless and non toxic and delivers purified drinking water for less than 1p per litre, which compares very well with bottled water. Onepure has been tested and proven as stable i.e. contaminated water remains in perfect drinking condition for not less than 28 days. With chlorine-based products, the water remains stable for only 4-6 hours.

The fact that Onepure Water Steriliser is not chemical based (unlike existing products) is very good news for asthma sufferers because the link between exposure to chlorine and asthma, especially among young children, is now well established. Chlorine-based chemicals also damage on-board water pumps by corroding their seals. Onepure Water Steriliser not only purifies, but it is also softens the water, preventing the build up of scale in water heater systems. So an added benefit of using Onepure Water Steriliser on boats, trains, caravans, motorhomes and aeroplanes etc is a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Tim Jones, SJK Products’ chairman, summarises Onepure Water Steriliser’s benefits:

“Onepure’s water purifier is unique because it:

• Is only made from natural ingredients.
• Keeps water systems sterilised and the water purified for up to 28 days, continuously, once treated.
• Kills 99.98% of known germs and viruses.
• Can be safely used in water tanks in caravans and boats etc, for purifying hikers' water bottles and for sterilising babies’ bottles, dummies and plastic toys.
• Breaks down and prevents future growth of harmful biofilm and germs in the tank, pipes, pumps and filters of water systems - thereby extending their life and reducing maintenance costs.

Existing water sterilising products may contain:

• Chlorine - a known carcinogen which takes 4-6 hours to break down.
• Hydrogen Peroxide – used to bleach the hair of ‘peroxide blondes; as rocket fuel, and deemed “Not fit for human consumption” in the USA.
• Other chemicals (such as iodine), some of which leave a nasty aftertaste or have to be neutralised with yet more chemicals.”

About SJK Products
SJK Products, co-founded in 2004 by SJ Khebbal, CEO and Tim Jones, Chairman, produces the market-leading and award-winning waterless vehicle washing product, Onedrywash, for use on cars, caravans, motor homes, motorbikes, boats and aeroplanes. The company recently brought out its second waterless product: Onepure-handgel, an alcohol-free, naturally derived and non-toxic hand sanitiser which kills over 99.998% of all potentially infectious organisms such as; C.diff, fungi, yeasts and viruses, giving superior protection against influenza A (flu) viruses.

For more information please contact:

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SJK Products Ltd
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