Thursday, 27 November 2014

Announcing…Wearable 4.5cm KableKache Cable Organizer

After our recent highly successful launch of the all-purpose 6cm (2.3″) black KableKache with a white or silver ring, we have immediately followed up by launching the new, wearable, 4.5cm (1.8″) size in multiple colours specially for earbuds.

“The 4.5 cm size is ideal for earbuds and is so light and wearable,” the CEO of KableKache Global said. “Earbud wire tangles are a thing of the past and our low price and huge selection of colours can enable you to have a selection of KableKache to suit whatever you are wearing today. Sober or flashy, super conservative or super bling-bling, we can do them all.”

More choice of packaging

All KableKache are available in single blister pack, 5 or 10 pack dispenser tubes.

Single KableKache blister pack

Dispenser tube of 5 or 10

4.5cm KableKache Wearable and ideal for tidying the tangles on earbuds and headphones

6cm KableKache Ideal for tidying the tangles on USB cables, phone and tablet chargers and other personal electronics

Further information: 

Carl Guest | Peter Warren:
+33 6 24469394 | +33 6 07930527


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