Thursday, 20 May 2010

Marc Koska, OBE, Launches the LifeSaver Campaign

LifeSaverAction- a unique guarantee of a safe injection

East Sussex - Philanthropist, social entrepreneur and inventor, Marc Koska, OBE, recently launched the LifeSaver campaign:

Public Service Announcement: “When Recycling Kills”
(filmed by Marc in India several weeks ago).

When Recycling Kills

LifeSaver is a campaign that is inviting all global AD (auto-disable) syringe manufacturers to include the new LifeSaver logo and message: "New Packet. Used Once. Safely Disposed" on all their packaging. LifeSaver represents the procedure given by a health worker and received by a patient, and can be simply adopted, free of charge, by any organisation. The logo is distinctive and easily recognized, and will act as a unique guarantee of a safe injection.

Marc Koska: "The question to you is simple: Would you want to have an injection with a clean sterile syringe or a used dirty one? Exactly, and so would everyone else! Please send this video link to as many people as you can so that they become aware of this issue. Please help me get millions of hits recorded on YouTube! Thanks!"

Marc Koska,OBE

About Marc Koska, OBE

In 1984, Marc Koska read an article that predicted HIV would spread widely through unsafe injections, so he decided to do something about it. Sadly, the prediction turned out to be true: the re-use of syringes now accounts for 1.3 million deaths a year which is even more than malaria. Today, Marc's solution to the problem is the K1 syringe which locks after use, thus preventing reuse. It is in use by millions. In 2005, he founded a nonprofit, SafePoint , which aims to educate people in the developing world about the dangers of reusing any instruments that come into contact with blood. And in 2010, he founded LifeSaver.

For more information, please contact:

Marc Koska
SafePoint Trust UK
The Granary
East Sussex
TN22 3HW

+44 (0)1825 713722

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