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Brownbook is listed in Outsell Inc's Top 30 Companies to Watch in 2009

Brownbook earns its place on Outsell Inc's list for demonstrating that there is a new business directory business model that works and can lead to new pricing architecture

February 5, 2009 - Worldwide

  • In Outsell's "Information Industry Outlook 2009: No Guts, No Glory" report in which the 30 firms are listed, the reason for's inclusion is "For demonstrating that there is a new business directory business model that works and can lead to new pricing architecture."
  • Any company included in Outsell's 30 to Watch list is considered to be in the right place at the right time, where new competition and threats are emerging, and in tune with way in which the landscape of information delivery is changing.
  • Outsell's analyst team selects 30 firms that are doing particularly innovative things - shaking up their respective marketplaces and challenging publishers and information providers to re-evaluate their activities - and publishes them in the list.
  • Outsell Inc (, the only research and advisory firm focused on the publishing, information, and education industries, every year, looks at firms that they believe will have an important impact on the publishing and information-provider community.
  • The other companies in the list are: Apple, CNN, Elsevier, The Guardian, Thomson Reuters and Google BBN Ad Network, Blurb, British Medical Journal, CNN, Collexis, Critical Media, Data Explorers, Demand Media, Exact Editions, Flat World Knowledge, Google, The Guardian, Hakia, Hulu, IHS, LiveMocha, MarketTools, Nature Publishing Group, Public Library of Science (PloS), Safari, Thomson Reuters, Wood MacKenzie, and ZoomInfo.
  • These firms exemplify Outsell's theme - No Guts, No Glory - in the leading stance they are taking. It is, indeed, an honour to be included in Outsell's 30 to Watch list.
Dave Ingram, Brownbook CEO


Attributable to Dave Ingram, CEO,
  • We're very proud to have been recognised by Outsell as the company that is turning the online directory business model on its head. We're taking this as a nod from on high that we're doing good things.
  • Brownbook helps a business get found all over the web by heavily optimizing its listings for all the major search engines. In this way, our business customers are benefitting from what we call bread-crumbing - leaving calling cards that direct enquiries to their website from all over the internet.
  • Brownbook adopts the concepts of crowd sourcing, collaboration and peer production to offer a unique business model that doesn't rely upon advertising sales or large on-the-road sales forces and expensive call centres. This allows us to pass huge savings on to our business customers, as well as pay our members a generous lifetime share of our revenue.
  • Brownbook is different, primarily because it grants users the freedom to update their directory listings immediately and as often as they wish, as well as add rich media like photos, videos, and widgets. Everyone shares in the site's success through our lifetime revenue share program.
  • Brownbook is the free directory that anyone can edit - anyone in any country anywhere in the world can add, edit and review businesses in any country
  • Business owners claim their listing to optimize it, get alerts and customize it with photos, videos, logos, widgets, and any additional information
  • Business owners use Brownbook Bidgets (Business widgets) to easily add features like reviews, maps, and video on all their other web presences
  • Unique business model that rewards contributors with a lifetime share of revenue
  • Launched in the UK in May 2008 with 2.2 million UK businesses listed, expanded to USA, Australia and Canada in July 2008 with an additional 25 million records
  • On web ( and mobile web (
  • has a totally open ethos, with its OpenSearch API and Micro Formats that allow data can be used everywhere by anyone.

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