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The Drug Attraction hits Best Seller Lists on Both Sides of the Atlantic

The Drug Attraction - What parents need to know to keep kids out of trouble

Simple ebook for parents hits international button on drug prevention

East Grinstead - Since its recent release on and, "The Drug Attraction - What parents need to know to keep kids out of trouble" has risen to the top of Bestseller lists in parenting categories. In late February 2012, it was in the top 0.1% of ebooks downloaded on both sides of the Atlantic and is fast becoming a social media phenomenon. The reason it is successful, is because it is simple, truthful and practical.

Dialog Publishing, based in Sussex, England, have produced an ebook which really does help parents to keep their kids drug-free.

The key message throughout the book is that increased knowledge facilitates greater responsibility and more control - for both the parents and the kids.

Young people are growing up faster than ever, fed on a diet of images and messages from TV, films, magazines and social media/internet. Parents can sometimes feel the adverse effect of all this and wonder what they need to do in order to avoid failure.

How can parents protect their kids from the dangers that are out there from drugs and alcohol? What can they do to prevent their kids from making the same kind of mistakes that are too often spread across the pages of newspapers? Teenage drug use is so often a topic for the media and makes it looks like everyone is doing it, which is just not true.

The Author, Gary Paul Byrne, is a Drug Prevention Lecturer who has spoken to enough young people, during a decade of talks in schools, to fill the National Football Stadium at Wembley in London, England.

In writing this book he wanted to give parents the knowledge and ideas that have been successful for him in his talks. What keeps him motivated to continue is that he knows from constant feedback that the information and the way it is presented does get through to young people. They are less likely to make mistakes if they have understanding and certainty on this subject.

Teenagers and drugs – it is a volatile mix which ruins lives and the efforts of parents to take responsibility for their family’s drug abuse prevention will be rewarded.

In the words of the kids who have heard the Author’s talks:

"My thoughts did change because I just thought drugs were bad but now I know understand why." 

"I can use what I learnt because it gave me the self confidence to say NO!"

"I had been worried that one day I would be bullied into having them, but now, when I think of the talk, I think that I will never take them."

"I understood how actually bad drugs are and what their effects are. I understood that drugs were actually something serious and not just a joke."

"I thought that when I was older I might take some drugs at a party but now realize the seriousness of drugs and how it could kill people."

As a Primary (Elementary) school teacher recently commented on the author's style: "I liked the way you were in dialogue with their reality."

This book increases reality and facilitates better communication. The result is greater understanding and resolution of the drug problem - for kids and adults alike.

Visit -  The Kindle app can be downloaded for free onto any computer or smart phone.

About dialog publishing

dialog publishing is an online agency which has the purpose to educate and empower people to solve their own problems. The agency evolved out of many years of providing quality information to the general public.

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