Monday, 12 September 2011

Innocent Vitamins Reaches Out-of-Court Agreement stopping Innocent Drinks from Entering the Vitamin Market Until 2014

I’m still Innocent but decided to be Innovitive, says Innocent Vitamins founder, Dawn Reid

West Sussex – Innocent Vitamins and Nutrition Ltd founder Dawn Reid has reached an out-of-court commercial resolution with Fresh Trading Ltd, manufacturers of Innocent Drinks and majority-owned by The Coca Cola Company, regarding use of the word ‘innocent’.

Dawn said, “I decided to change the name because I could no longer justify the costs of my lawyers responding to Innocent Drinks claims of trademark infringement. It costs in excess of £250,000 to fight an intellectual property case like this and rather than spend that money to win a court case, I decided instead to invest in my business and now have new products for teenagers and adults on the way.”

Dawn also said, “I was surprised when I discovered in February this year that Innocent Drinks liked my children’s vitamins product so much they applied for a trademark to enter the vitamin market themselves. This was months after my product was launched and available online and in shops. Innocent Drinks then wrote to me accusing me of trademark infringement and telling me to shut my business down. I was extremely shocked when I got this letter, as before I launched my business, I sought advice from experts including Companies House and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) with regards the use of the word “innocent” in relation to vitamin supplements. I was advised to go ahead and hence launched my product. After Innocent Drinks’ claims, I sought expert advice with top IP Lawyers in London to ascertain my rights and then vowed to fight the case in court and I told Innocent Drinks this.

After months of letter writing and huge financial costs, it became apparent to me that unless I had hundreds of thousands of pounds to be represented by lawyers to take on a huge corporation such as Innocent Drinks, that I would not get my day in court. Hence I came to the decision to focus on the great product that I have and change the name. I received no money from Innocent Drinks and have paid all of my legal costs. I also refused to a confidentially agreement as I wanted to be free to discuss what has happened.”

From 1st September this year we have begun the move towards our product being known as Innovitive Vitamins and phasing out stocks of Innocent Vitamins. This follows the signing of a commercial resolution between myself and Innocent Drinks on 27 June 2011 where I decided to make an Innovitive modification to the branding on the agreement that Innocent Drinks will not enter the vitamin market for three years.”

Dawn added, “The success of my children’s vitamin product for children aged 3 to 12 years continues and I have recently signed an agreement with an international retailer. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive support I have had from the public, retailers and my loyal customers. My mission is to continue to be Innovitive and bring great quality vitamins to the market.”

About Innovitive Vitamins

Following substantial research into the children’s vitamin market, in June 2010 Mrs Reid launched Innocent Vitamins and Nutrition Ltd. She brought to the market a multivitamin and mineral supplement that she was happy to give to her own children, completely free of any sugars, sweeteners or additives. The vitamins are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans, Kosher approved and suitable for those with allergies. This idea meant departing from the market norm which was to produce chewable vitamins for children that often contain additives, sugars, artificial sweeteners, bulking and gelling agents. The product is available online through its website and, from September 2011, through selected supermarkets and independent health stores.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Dawn Reid (Mother and Managing Director)
Inspired Vitamins and Nutrition Ltd
Camden Orchard
Lewes Road
Ashurst Wood
West Sussex
RH19 3TA

+44 (0)1342 311838


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