Thursday, 16 June 2011

Survey Reveals How the Stressful Work Environment of IT Managers Can Be Improved

Help desk calls, hangs, freezes and crashes cut by up to 25 percent with new performance software

London — a survey receiving almost 400 respondents carried out on IT and business staff revealed healthy percentage reductions of computer freezes, hangs and crashes, as well as reduced help desk calls when they installed Diskeeper® data performance software on their IT systems. The survey also revealed that the automated defragmentation and disk management tools Diskeeper brings is an essential component of their IT arsenal.

The survey, which was broken down into three categories – system reliability, system performance and business improvements and benefits, was conducted on IT Managers and Business Development Managers. Questions included specific reliability issues such as I/O activity, system crashes, file corruption, data loss, and help desk issues.

Key survey results (400 respondents – IT and Business Managers):
  • 18% reduction in the number of helpdesk calls
  • 26% reduction in system hangs and/or freezes
  • 25% reduction in system crashes
  • 21% reduction in program and/or system conflicts and errors
  • 25% reduced filed corruption and data loss
  • 35% reduction in unnecessary I/O activity
  • 26% reduced hard drive failures

This information is also in-line with an earlier survey carried out last year by Vanson Bourne on 100 IT Managers – Slow computers, lost password and system crashes ranked highest respectively for IT complaints.

“These problems hamper IT managers and companies in one form or another on a day-to-day basis. Any solution which can comprehensively address them should be paramount. Just one of these issues could easily justify implementing some kind of third-party solution. The cost for companies is huge, although it just might be a little camouflaged on first inspection.” Thomas Doria, New Business Development Manager at Diskeeper Corporation Europe.

Some of the survey respondents commented on their use of Diskeeper as follows:
“By drastically reducing hard drive failures and I/O times we have been able to keep our servers on the job longer with no performance degradation.”

“Reliability and improved performance are the primary benefits and deciding factors as to why we choose Diskeeper”

“Faster backups; reduced backup times by hours and reduced the amount of time it took to restore a file”

About Diskeeper Corporation - Microsoft Gold Partner
Innovators in Performance and Reliability Technologies®: CIOs, IT Managers and System Administrators of Global Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 enterprises rely on Diskeeper® performance software to provide unparalleled performance and reliability to their business laptops, desktops and servers. Diskeeper 2011 includes the breakthrough IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology. V-locity® 2.0 virtual platform disk optimizer for VMware ESX and Hyper-V eliminates the barriers to full virtual efficiency and maximum I/O performance on virtual servers. Diskeeper Corporation further provides real-time data protection and real-time data recovery with Undelete® data recovery software ( InvisiTasking® technology enables any process to run completely invisibly in the background, fully tapping the power of otherwise unused idle resources (

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