Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Diskeeper’s Data Performance Software Cuts Four-Day Backup Time in Half

In addition to increased backup data transfer speeds, since installing Diskeeper, drive failures have decreased, fewer drives have been replaced on the SAN, and Diskeeper has also improved access times

London — David Anderson, Network Manager for Cramlington Learning Village School, gave his feedback on how Diskeeper® dramatically cut their server backup times in half. The school, which has been graded 'outstanding' in the last three OFSTED inspections, had the problem of backup times taking four days to complete.

“Symantec BackupExec V12.5, our primary backup application, was taking considerable amount of time to backup due to file fragmentation. Microsoft 2003 Windows and other free defrag tools were not providing an adequate level of defragmentation when working with our large terabyte drives,” comments David Anderson.

He further states: “We tried and tested numerous products and found Diskeeper had the best results... Diskeeper was not only easy to deploy but also proved to decrease the time our backups now take, by an average of 50%... Our backup software showed improved data transfer speed going from 500m/bits per minute to now 1Gb per minute. We have Diskeeper installed onto ten MS Windows 2003 servers which have numerous SAN drives attached to each one. We use an EMC CX3-10 SAN.”

It was also noted by Mr Anderson that the Support Contract Company had said there shouldn’t be a problem with fragmentation related issues. “Our Support Contract Company said there shouldn’t be an issue with fragmentation. However, since installing Diskeeper, drive failures have decreased, and we also don’t have to replace as many drives on the SAN as often as before. Diskeeper also helps with improved access times.”

A recent survey carried out with the existing customers of Diskeeper Corporation Europe, showed over 75% have implemented or are planning to implement a SAN solution. The same survey also revealed that 80% were aware of the detrimental effect of fragmentation on I/O performance.

Mandeep Birdi, Technical Presales Consultant of Diskeeper Corporation Europe comments: “I think Diskeeper is vital for file servers and backup servers, and now that we are preventing over 85% of fragmentation from happening, this means preventing latency of backup times. Our intelliwrite® fragmentation technology also reduces the I/O bottleneck which has a huge effect on performance. So we are, in effect, not only reducing backup times but also improving disk I/O performance as well within the SAN environment.”

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