Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Actor Rowing the Atlantic to Raise Awareness of Modern-Day Slavery

To mark the United Nations’ International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, young actor, Peter Gadiot, is crossing the Atlantic Ocean to highlight the problem of global slavery and human trafficking whilst attempting to break the cross-Atlantic rowing world record.

Peter Gadiot

East Grinstead, Sussex, UK – Actor, Peter Gadiot, is rowing the Atlantic to raise awareness of the problem of modern-day slavery. The crossing from La Gomera, Canary Isles to Antigua in the Caribbean is hoped to be completed in a record-breaking time of less than 33 days.

The project also marks the United Nations’ International Day for the Abolition of Slavery - 2 December - which falls during the final preparations for the crossing. The crew is scheduled for departure on Sunday, 6th December 2009.

The 3,000-mile journey will be an enormous physical challenge, with all crew members rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off, continuously for 24 hours a day – such that the boat will never stop moving throughout the entire crossing - in an effort to beat the current 33-day cross-Atlantic world record.

The crew, who may have to row naked in order to prevent salt sores, will face blisters, temperamental weather and sharks, as well as no cooked food or toilet facilities.

The crew of 10 was hand picked by the captain, Ian Couch, one of only three men in the world to have rowed both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

"Having travelled to many countries across the world and seen, first hand, some of the effects of modern day slavery, I really wanted to do something big to raise awareness of this issue," says Peter who has named the project, “Rowing Against Slavery”.

Peter, who has no previous rowing experience, aims to increase awareness of the problem to help combat this pernicious and degrading crime. The campaign is in support of organisations that campaign against slavery and exploitation in all its forms, such as Anti-Slavery International and Fairtrade Foundation.

The problem of contemporary slavery:
  • The UN estimates that 12.3 million people, worldwide, are enslaved.
  • Human trafficking is a modern tragedy, is the fastest growing form of slavery and is a $10 billion illegal industry.
  • Major forms of exploitation are forced labour, bonded labour (debt slavery) and sexual slavery.
Sponsorship and donations from companies and individuals to help fund the project and raise money for anti-slavery charities are invited via the project’s website at http://www.rowingagainstslavery.org/. Donations of goods and services are also very welcome.

About Peter Gadiot

Peter Gadiot is half Mexican, half Dutch, grew up in Sussex, UK and has spent a large part of his life in many different countries - he is a true citizen of the world.

He trained at the prestigious Drama Centre London (whose alumni include Colin Firth, Paul Bettany and Pierce Brosnan), graduating summer 2008. His credits include the TV comedy, “My Spy Family” and the male lead in the upcoming feature film, “13Hrs”. http://www.petergadiot.com/

Further information about Peter along with details of the 10 crew members, each rowing for their own separate causes, can be found at the crew’s website which will be announced soon.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Gadiot
Rowing Against Slavery
+44 (0)777 606 3653


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